Unlock the Web: Seize Your Chance for a Transformative Fellowship at India School on Internet Governance (inSIG) 2023

In a collaborative venture, the inSIG Team and the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati have taken up the mantle to organize the much-awaited eighth installment of inSIG, which is an acronym for the India School on Internet Governance. This forthcoming event promises to be an enriching experience for all participants. For planning purposes, the schedule is segregated into two segments: Day 0, as a prelude, which is slated for the 28th of September 2023, followed by the main event which will span over three days, commencing on the 29th of September and culminating on the 1st of October 2023.
This event follows the heels of the resounding success of inSIG2022. Last year, in its seventh edition, inSIG carved a niche for itself. It was hosted in the sprawling campus of the International Institute of Information Technology, situated in Hyderabad. The curtains were drawn on this grand event on the 26th of September 2022.
One of the noteworthy aspects of inSIG2022 was the diversity and the intellectual capital it managed to amass. A melting pot of sorts, the event saw participation from approximately 65 Fellows who represented a medley of four different nationalities. This confluence of varied backgrounds facilitated an exchange of ideas and perspectives, thereby enriching the discourse on internet governance.

Social media platforms and microblogging site Twitter were abuzz with live updates, insights, and snapshots capturing the essence of the event. The attendees and the virtual audience actively engaged, ensuring that the event was not just confined to the physical space. The seamless blend of online and offline interactions amplified the reach and impact of inSIG2022.

Now, with the baton passed to inSIG2023, there is an air of anticipation. The picturesque city of Guwahati, which is nestled in the state of Assam, is tipped to be the backdrop for this edition. It is pertinent to note that the organizers have kept the audience on tenterhooks as the official confirmation regarding the venue and the exact dates will only be unveiled recently.

What makes the India School on Internet Governance a much sought-after event is its commitment to fostering a dialogue on the multifaceted aspects of internet governance. Through a plethora of discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions, the event seeks to equip the participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the complex landscape of internet governance.With each passing year, inSIG has evolved, both in terms of scale and scope. It continues to build on its legacy of being an inclusive platform that brings together policy-makers, technologists, academia, and other stakeholders. The core objective remains unwavering – to enlighten and engage individuals on the imperatives of internet governance in an increasingly interconnected world.

Insig 2023 Fellowship

The 2023 edition of India School on Internet Governance (inSIG2023, is scheduled for 29th Sep to 1st October, with Day 0 events on 28th Sep. This is the 8th edition of inSIG 2023 and its venue is IIT(G), Guwahati, Assam.

Fellowship applications for inSIG2023 are now open till 23rd July at . Please note that the APNIC Fellowship Management System requires registration in order to make a submission.The Fellowship option is available to applicants based in India as well as from other parts of the World. For any questions related to the event, feel free to email at

In conclusion, the inSIG event, with its distinguished lineage and exemplary track record, promises to be a landmark event. The eighth edition, inSIG2023, being organized in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, is already creating ripples of excitement. With a rich tapestry of diverse participants, enlightening discussions, and a conducive environment for learning, inSIG2023 is poised to make a lasting impact in the realm of internet governance.

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