MANRS 2023: Securing Cyberspace with Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security – Spotlight on Mentors and Ambassadors

A hallmark in global routing security, the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) initiative, continuously advocates for a stronger and safer global routing foundation. An essential element of this initiative is the MANRS Mentors and Ambassadors Program. This program combines the expertise of seasoned routing security professionals (Mentors) and the fresh perspectives of rising stars (Ambassadors) for collaborative work within their geographical areas and sectors. In this article, we present the 2023 program’s participants and highlight their unique contributions to the sphere of internet security.

The MANRS Mentors and Ambassadors

Defining Roles Running from June to December, the MANRS Mentors and Ambassadors Program is a half-year initiative where mentors, established professionals in routing security, nurture ambassadors, the up-and-coming leaders in the domain. They work in unison within their regions and sectors to augment their skills. The program emphasizes three key areas: training, research, and policy-making.

The 2023 MANRS Mentors

Spotlight on the 2023 MANRS Mentors The mentorship baton for the 2023 cohort has been passed to Erika Vega, Harish Chowdhary, and Taejoong Chung. Erika Vega, a senior consultant at SOCIUM and Engineering Manager at MC&H Networks, Harish Chowdhary, an academic authority in Internet Governance & Cybersecurity at India’s National Forensic Sciences University, and Taejoong Chung, an Assistant Professor at the Virginia Tech’s Computer Science department, with a concurrent role as an Adjunct Professor at POSTECH in South Korea.

The 2023 MANRS Ambassadors

Introducing the 2023 MANRS Ambassadors For 2023, Anand Raje, Dessalegn Yehuala, Hernan Moguilevsky, Jediel Adefoulou, Mujtaba Hussain, Nicolás Boettcher, Sandra Munoz, Sergio R. Hernández Torres, and Thomas Holterbach join the ranks of ambassadors. They all have diverse backgrounds, ranging from technology entrepreneurs, independent researchers, to IT security specialists and cybersecurity professionals.

The 2023 MANRS Mentors and Ambassadors program highlights the relentless pursuit of a more resilient and secure global routing infrastructure. With their varied experiences and skills, these mentors and ambassadors are poised to significantly advance internet security.

Why should you care about routing security?

As a business leader or a Policy maker, you might wonder why routing security should be on your list of concerns. Why should it be of significance to you? Similarly, as an IT professional juggling a plethora of tasks, why should prioritizing routing security be your focus? How can it enhance the security of your networks?

MANRS has compiled these resources to elucidate in straightforward terms the essence of routing security, its importance to varied audiences, and the benefits of implementing the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS). We urge you to distribute these resources to those who can assist in fortifying the Internet’s routing system. Remember, a more secure Internet starts with better routing security!

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